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“I challenge you to write for 15 minutes…


Academia needs an overhaul.

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Begin Rant

I can sell feet pictures, socks, used underwear, and vagina pictures and make 6-figures per year doing it.

I’m having major issues with the thoughts that I’m struggling to pay rent right now, but if I went online today, I could easily pay my rent with not much effort.

There’s a girl I followed on Twitter who had 48,000 followers. When she reached 50,000, she released an OnlyFans account. Shortly after, she released images of her revenue which equated $98,000 in 2 months. She paid cash for a Jeep, and is living large from her own body.

She never had…


I am now Ashleigh Dominguez, MS.

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I felt crippling anxiety leading up to this point in my life.

I did it, though. I graduated with a degree in psychology with a concentration in applied behavior analysis (ABA). Over the past several years, I worked so hard to get here. I sacrificed socialization, financial freedom, and relaxation hours.

For years, I cut socialization short, or even pulled out my laptop at my family’s house because I could not go a day without working on academics.

I cried several times a month about the lack of time I had to get things done.

I worked a full-time job while pushing through my schoolwork at the tune of over 60 hours per week.

60 hours of sweat, tears, and struggle.

It’s here, I’ve got my degree, my glorious piece of paper, and no one can take that from me.

Mental Health

You are not alone.

Black and white photo of myself taking a picture into a mirror with no smile.
Black and white photo of myself taking a picture into a mirror with no smile.
Photo Credit: Author.

Pandem…onium is ensuing in my life.

This pandemic is causing pandemonium.

The worst feelings for me are the uncertainties and that I’m not good enough. I often set numerous goals for myself, and if I do not achieve them in a timeline of my choosing, I feel out of sorts, panicked, and useless.

My job is considered essential and of medical necessity, so while I continue to have a structure to my days, the fluctuating hours lack a source of stability. I still feel useless and that I am not doing enough with my life.


I’ve set my alarms for 5am despite not needing to be…

Case Study

Following Dan Price’s Method, employers could learn valuable insight into how to reduce employee turnover.

What could you do with a $70,000 salary? Photo credit: Author.

Dan Price is a handsome lad with long, flowing locks, a killer smile, and a radical idea for CEO’s: Pay employees a minimum of $70,000 per year.


In 2004, Dan and his brother founded Gravity Payments, a credit card processing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Dan was still a student at Seattle Pacific University. Over the course of the next 11 years, the company increased in success. Dan prided himself on taking care of his employees.

Except, his employees didn’t feel the same way about him.

The American Dream is only for the 1%

A new employee was fuming about their socioeconomic circumstance. Specifically, he hated Dan for only paying him $35,000 per year, while he knew Dan was living large on the American Dream. Dan was making nearly 32 times what this employee…

It’s simple, really. Just make exactly none of the life and career choices discussed below.

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As an adult, my biggest sin is my inability to watch someone I care about achieve something incredible without feeling the need to do more for myself. While I am proud of my peers for achieving incredible things, I feel as though I’m not worthy enough in my own skin.

Receiving a master’s degree isn’t enough, I tell myself.

In my mid-20’s, financial insecurities quickly gave way to feelings of doom about my prospects with $100,000 in debt.

I am a middle-class, small-town graduate who didn’t qualify for scholarships because I’m average. I paid my way through my associate’s degree…

Here’s a look into how you can be just like me.

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  1. Dedicate a career to helping others
  2. Enter a healthcare profession with inconsistent hours
  3. Enter a healthcare profession with inconsistent hours and lots of driving around with no compensation
  4. Leave the house before the suns up, and get home after it’s down just for maybe 8 hours of pay.
  5. Decide to advance my career by getting a masters degree
  6. Take out student loans by thinking, I’ll easily pay these off in the first 2 years of working as a post-grad professional.
  7. Make less than $30,000 per year
  8. Buy a car with a warranty because you’re going to drive about 30,000 miles…

Punishment, a harsh topic, with harsh repercussions if misused.

Punishment is terribly misunderstood in today’s time.

Punishment for children has evolved from slaps on the hand and wearing dunce caps into time-outs, and now into detailed conversations about behavior. Responses to behaviors have evolved from “STOP” into “Why are you doing that?”

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Negative Connotations

When you think of punishment, do you think about spankings or an object used to hit you such as a paddle or belt? Do you think of items being taken away, such as gaming systems or television time? Or, perhaps you received chores or tasks in response to your behavior. Any of these describe a punishment procedure…

Here’s my response.

My response will be at the bottom of this post.

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The following article was rejected:

“In only three months, the combination of hard work and passion have led to my following skyrocketing this year.

While my friends go to work, come home and watch television, I work hard by sitting in front of my computer writing articles about my life, hot topics, and science.

3 lessons I learned from the last 3 months:

1.Be passionate. You have to want something. Is your goal to bring value to others? Or is it to build an audience?

2.Be consistent. Don’t do what I did and give up…

If you’ve never heard of this field, or if you have, you may think you know what it’s like to spend a day in my life.

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Wake up: 5:00am

Early bird gets the worm. If I’m going to run a successful business, I’ve got to have time set aside daily to focus on a deep work session.

Cold shower: 5:03am

This recommendation was through a high performance training program I participate in. It truly does snap you awake. If you’re hitting snooze and going back to sleep, stop!

Get dressed and ready to go for the day: 5:05am

Bible Study: 5:15am

The precious few hours in the morning are uninterrupted, quiet, and focused. There’s no better time than early…

Ashleigh Dominguez

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